Ammar Al Ghoul

Group Chief Financial Officer

Ammar has 18 years of experience in cross finance. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Jordan 1999. He is also a Certified Public Accountant from the United States of America with an active practice license from the State of Colorado. He finished his MBA degree from London Business School in 2014.

With a wealth of strategic financial and operational experience behind him, Ammar joined
MS Pharma in April 2017 as Group Chief Financial Officer.

For the period of 7 years, Ammar served as the Group CFO of a conglomerate and diversified multibillion US Dollar business group in GCC region, during which he significantly contributed to major IPO and M&A transactions. During the same period, Ammar served as an active Board, Audit Committee, and Ex-com member for number of publicly listed and privately held companies.

Prior to that, Ammar was a Director of audit and assurance services with Deloitte and Touch ME.