About Us

MS Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Amman – Jordan, that manufactures and markets innovative products across Middle East, Africa and Europe. The company leverages 9 manufacturing sites in Algeria, Jordan, Turkey, KSA and Greece to sell its products in over 60 countries worldwide, with a capacity of 600 million boxes per year. We have the ability to manufacture different dosage forms from solid (including soft gelatin capsule), liquid, semi-solids, oral oncology, multipurpose injectables, and oncology injectables. MS Pharma has a diversified team of 2,700 ambitious and highly-skilled employees which helped to achieve more than 2,000 registered products and 365 products in the pipeline. We cover a wide range of therapeutic classes in the chronic and acute diseases from Cardiovascular and Diabetes, Central Nervous System, Oncology, Auto-immune Diseases, Hematology, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Alimentary, Systemic Antibiotics to Dermatology, beside a wide range of cosmeceutical and consumer products. And recently MS Pharma acquired Genepharm – a multinational pharmaceutical company that is based in Greece and focuses on chronic diseases like Cardiovascular, CNS and Oncology.

Middle East Turkey and Africa – META Region

MS Pharma currently has a large geographic footprint among the strategic markets in the META region. The combination of EL KENDI, UPM, MS Pharma Injectables, and the other other MS Pharma affiliates under the same platform has enabled us to unlock a wide range of synergies between our different countries of presence.

Our organization’s expansive reach can provide every MS Pharma cluster of affiliates with immediate access to new markets by offering an ideal scenario for physical expansion into nearby markets. Some of our products are exported to Austria, Finland and Hong-Kong.

We are also witnessing a wave of consolidation and acquisitions among companies in the META region, a trend that shows promise and potential to continue growing in the coming years.

Where we are coming from...


Creation in Jordan


EL KENDI Manufacturing start-up in Algeria


Integration of UPM

Q3 2011

Acquisition of injectables plant in Jordan

Q3 2013

Launch of the Corporate Head Office in Jordan

Q3 2016

Acquisition of generics manufacturing plant in Turkey


– Expansion into:
New Countries &
New Therapeutic areas
– Expansion Via:
Start-ups, Alliances &
M&A activities