About Us FR

MS Pharma is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Jordan, that manufactures and markets branded/ generic medicines through several strategic markets across the META region. MS Pharma unifies EL KENDI in Algeria, UPM in Jordan, MS Pharma Iraq and MS Pharma Injectables. FR

The company aims to grow into the leading generic pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the META regionby targeting strategic therapeutic classes including chronic diseases, oncology and injectables, consumer health and formulations with higher entry barriers. MS Pharma is committed to offering high quality generic medicines; emphasizing value on production, with new technologies and state-of-the-art facilities implemented all around the META region. MS Pharma is one of the first-movers towards new generation biotech and biosimilars in which the company has acquired a considerable expertise and know-how across the region. Today, we employ over 2,500 employees and are present in 20 countries.

Where we are coming from...


Creation of United Pharma ceuticals in Jordan FR


Creation of ELKENDI in Algeria


Integration of UPM and ELKENDI

Q3 2012

Acquisition of inj. plant in Jordan Alliance with Iraqi government

Q1 2013

Launch of MS Pharma corporate structure and 5-year plan

Q1 2015

Ongoing projects in Turkey, KSA and Egypt


Expansion into
-New countries
-New therapy areas
Expansion via
-Start-ups, alliances
-M&A activities