As part of MS Pharma’s philosophy in emerging the social gatherings and maintaining the solid relation between the management and the employees; the company held its annual town hall meeting in the beginning of 2017 in its affiliates in Jordan: MS Pharma Corporate head office, United Pharmaceutical and MS Pharma Injectables to celebrate the end of the financial year 2016 & the goals met by the company.

The gathering was attended by Dr. Essam Farouk, Chief Executive Officer of MS Pharma along with the executives, top management and the employees from various divisions.

Dr. Essam announced MS Pharma’s key figures and major successes throughout the year 2016, he also expressed his satisfaction for MS Pharma’s outstanding achieved results, in addition to presenting the company’s future plan for the coming 5 years

At the end of the gathering, there was an open dialogue between the CEO and the employees, in order to hear directly from the employees about their concerns, also to exchange the employee’s views and priorities for the future.