MS Pharma, the fast growing Jordanian based pharmaceutical company operating across the META region, sponsored the 1st International Congress of Jordan Food & Drug Administration, “Pharmaceutical Sector Opportunities & Future Vision” that was held at Sheraton Amman on the 27th & 28th  Oct 2016.

More than 600 experts from the local and international pharmaceutical sector representing 27 Arab and foreign countries participated in this conference.

Dr. Essam Farouk, CEO of MS Pharma, said: “This conference is a resounding success by all standards, also it is an ideal opportunity for the development and partnership in the pharmaceutical industry between the public and private sectors and to promote transparency to ensure the patient’s right to access the treatments. The most important is that the conference has come out with several recommendations; aiming to foster innovation and support the local economy as well as the exchange of experiences and cooperation between the different countries in the region. A joint committee will has been created in order to follow-up on implementation and will be responsible to update the JFDA management about the progress on regular basis.

The most important recommendations that came out of the conference can be summarized in:

  • To create the opportunity for the registration of improved generic medicines that are locally developed in Jordan, provided that they meet the technical requirements and that each new idea will be studied separately. This will allow the development of drugs for the first time in the kingdom.
  • Open the door for the registration of biosimilar products provided that they meet the technical requirements for those types of complex products.
  • To start the coordination with the other Arab countries to work on the harmonization of the guidelines and requirement for the new products registration.

Dr. Essam also remarked the efforts made by Dr. Hayel Obeidt, the Director General of Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and all managers and employees in this great institution who were behind the success of this conference, which is the first of its kind in the region.