As part of the continuous search for updated advances in the pharmaceutical sector, MS Pharma has sponsored the 2nd symposium for “Global Harmonization and Bio-equivalence Requirements” that took place on the 30th and 31st of October 2017, and was organized by the “JFDA – Jordanian Food and Drug Association” at “Acdima for drug industry and medical appliances” in Amman – Jordan.

The conference has gathered experienced guests from different local and international pharmaceutical companies beside authorities from various institutions, and plenty of workshops were handled to discuss the importance of unifying the guidelines and standards of bioequivalence studies regarding the generic brands, which are the same molecules as the originator ones. The head of JFDA – Dr. Hayel Obaidat has highlighted the importance of such scientific events on the improvement and upgrading of local and regional pharmaceutical industry and creation of a better competitive edge, where the Jordanian medicine is being exported to more than 60 countries worldwide including USA and the European Union.

It was worth mentioning as well that generic brands are of high importance since they offer drugs in competitive prices with maintaining the same efficacy and safety profiles of the originators, beside the evolving biosimilar products that need special requirements to be set for proper monitoring and guarantying of their quality, efficacy, and safety for the patients.