On the side of the “Jordanian – Algerian Business Forum” that was organized by the Chamber of Industry and Trade in the Algerian capital. MS Pharma was honored with the visit to our plant in ELKENDI by the Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade and Supply “Eng. Ya’rub Al-Qdah”, the General Manager of the Jordanian Food and Drug Association “Dr. Hayel Obaidat”, and the Jordanian Ambassador in Algeria “Mr. Ahmed Jaradat”. “Dr. Essam Farouk” – MS Pharma CEO has greeted the guests with some managers and heads from the corporate, where ELKENDI plant is considered the biggest factory for MS Pharma.

The guests had a tour in the different production lines, Quality Control and Quality Assurance laboratories, Research and Development laboratories, and the Warehouses. The aim of the visit was to see the investment in the plant where it is supplied with the latest technology equipment and machines, along with the expansion in our twin factory to cover the market needs of new product lines.