A word from the Chairman

I am proud to be part of a company with a strong commitment to the highest standards of personal integrity and business ethics and I feel fortunate to work with a team of outstanding employees who bring their passion and professionalism to MS Pharma, but I am particularly proud that this Company embraces our vast diversity creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all of our MS Pharma employees from different countries and cultures.


Kalle Känd was appointed the Chief Executive Officer for MS Pharma in February 2020. he joins MS Pharma with 27 years of global and regional experience in the pharmaceutical and generic space, where he has assumed various senior leadership positions at highly successful pharmaceutical companies. Previously, Kalle was the CEO of Acino International, a successful international branded generic business active in emerging markets, where he oversaw the company’s expansion into Middle East and African markets, including a significant acquisition in South Africa. Prior to his CEO role at Acino International, Kalle oversaw Acino’s commercial operations as Chief Commercial Officer including the B2B business, which is specialized in manufacturing complex transdermal patches for partners around the world. Prior to Acino, Kalle held top positions in Nycomed and Takeda Pharmaceuticals – Switzerland. no-photo