Claudio Albrecht

Independent Director

Claudio Albrecht, co-founder and managing partner of Albrecht, Prock & Partners was until August 31st, 2018 CEO of the publicly listed STADA AG. Before this assignment Claudio worked in and with the Generic industry for more than 30 years. Claudio started his pharmaceutical career at Sandoz in 1987 in Austria and became General Manager of its generic businesses in the Netherlands, in Germany and the USA, before leaving to become CEO of the Ratiopharm Group in 2000. In his time as CEO of the Ratiopharm Group he was driving the internationalization process of the German drug maker beyond Europe and was material for the initiation of the development, manufacturing and commercialization project of Ratiopharm’s Biosimilars program. Ratiopharm was first to market with the Biosimilar Filgrastim in Europe.
In 2007 Claudio founded together with Peter Prock the strategy consulting firm CoMeth in Slovakia before he was asked to assume the role of CEO and Chairman of the Board of the
Actavis Group. Actavis was operating in over 50 countries worldwide with standalone 2012 revenues in excess of € 2billion. Under his leadership, Actavis was sold to Watson for 6 bio US$, which represented an above average industry multiple. As CEO of Actavis Claudio initiated a total turn around process and started a joint venture for the development and commercialization of recombinant Insulin and its Analogues with the objective to build the first Generic “one stop shop” in Diabetes.
After the divestiture of Actavis, Claudio founded with Peter Prock the Zug/Switzerland based Albrecht, Prock & Partners AG. Together with Private Equity and strategic investors AP&P worked on numerous acquisition projects amongst which the take private initiative for STADA AG was the most significant. STADA AG was the largest leveraged buyout of a German listed company ever. Claudio agreed to manage the company for an interim period of one year and led all the necessary changes and strategic initiatives. In September 2018 Claudio returned to AP&P. Claudio holds a PhD in law.