Munir Sukhtian


After graduating from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia Munir Sukhtian headed straight back to Amman where he started a small travel agency “Creative Tours”.  As a co-founder in the company he dedicated two years to help establish a solid base for the company before moving on to join his family in the management of United Pharmaceuticals.  For years he assisted the business development department in opening new pharmaceutical markets in countries like Malaysia, South Africa, and even Hong Kong. During his time at UP he oversaw the expansion of both Solid and Soft gelatine lines with international suppliers such as Fette, IMA, Harro Hofliger, and Uhlmann.  After 7 years, Munir moved to the UAE as the managing director of Concept Fze, a food manufacturing facility that specialises in date processing in all its forms.  Munir currently resides on the board of Al-Munjed Group, Emmar Jordan, and MsPharma.