Our Vision

To be the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions provider & partner of choice in META markets and emerging pharma markets.

Our Mission

Improve our communities’ quality of life by increasing the access to high quality and affordable products

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is underpinned by incremental innovation to achieve our business vision of becoming a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions providers. Our efforts attempt to provide improved therapeutic entities with differentiated technologies including modified release formulations and other non-conventional dosage forms with more convenience, adherence, efficiency, safety or sustainability for patients.

In response to the transforming pharmaceutical market we are shifting our long-term strategy from selling products to providing total solutions to the diseases our products intend to treat. We strive to understand our patients’ unmet needs and exceed their expectations by providing all services going from prevention to diagnostic tools passing by the supportive medications until the complete treatment and cure.

Patients, Doctors & Pharmacists

Bio technology

Now MS Pharma is one of the pioneers moving towards new generation biotechnology and biosimilars as the company has acquired considerable expertise and know-how of the industry across the region.

MS Pharma has succeeded in registering, launching and marketing in-licensed biotechnology products in several markets across the META region. We are now looking for committed partners having innovative biosimilars who are interested to enter the META and benefit from the advantages which a local player can provide.